Editorial Processes

What happens when GAIA receives an article:

1. The editorial office confirms receipt of the manuscript. Within one month the authors will receive notification stating whether or not the article will be considered to be published.

2. Expertise: If the article is under consideration for publication, the editorial office initiates a review process.

3. Lectorate and revision:

    • Research: If the expert review is essentially positive, the GAIA editor will invite the authors to revise the article on the basis of the lectorate and the expert review. In the cases of acceptance, as well as rejection, the authors will receive the anonymous reviews.
    • Forum and Books: If the reviews, editorial and expert, prove to be essentially positive, the editorial office will invite the authors to revise the article on the basis of the reviews.

All authors are asked to indicate modifications within the revised version of the original text. Respectively, if a recommendation of a reviewer, an editor or the editorial office is not followed, the authors must provide an explanatory statement.

4. Open Access: GAIA follows the Green Road to Open Access.
With GAIA Hybrid Option, we additionally offer our authors that they can publish their articles with full open access via our full text content provider >IngentaConnect against a basic charge. Once your article is accepted for publication in GAIA, we will inform you about our option.

5. Final revision: Fine adjustment in language, style and setting is completed by the authors in agreement with the editorial of­fice. After final revision, the authors receive the galley proof of their paper. In the galley proof, only mistakes and printer’s errors will be corrected. Any further changes will be charged to the authors.

6. After publication, the first authors will be sent five copies of the respective GAIA issue as well as the electronic version of their article in PDF format.